Policy Guidelines to Boost STEM Education and Workforce in Maine

Recent data shows that while STEM sector jobs are outpacing non-STEM fields nationally, Maine lags in developing a workforce for science and engineering jobs. Data also shows that Maine’s research and development investment is less than 1% of GDP, compared to a regional average of about 4%. To bridge these gaps policies that invest in science and engineering from early education to workforce should be implemented.

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Year in Review

In 2021, Science is US worked to connect and collaborate with leaders and organizations across the country. The program elevated the importance of addressing workforce needs for STEM careers requiring post-secondary training ranging from technical/vocational education to advanced degrees, reaffirmed the importance of using science and engineering to advance policy, and sought out opportunities to… Read more »

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Science and Engineering Contacts and Useful Links

In need of expert advice on a science and engineering issue? Science is US is working to bridge the gap between science + engineering and policymaking. We are working with experts across S&E disciplines to connect policymakers with the wealth
of knowledge that exists across the country. Is there a specific issue that you would like to connect with an expert on?

Using Science Policy to Address Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Many of the scientists I found who work for scientific societies have Ph.D.s, especially those who work in science policy. So I talked to two scientists with master’s degrees who made strategic moves to break into science policy. Their skillsets, scientific training and education were assets that helped them understand science policy issues. They both said it was challenging… Read more »

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Immunizations Critical For A Thriving Iowa Economy Hosted By Iowa Immunizes And Science Is US

Immunizations: Critical for a Thriving Iowa Economy

On April 14th, Science is US and Iowa Immunizes Coalition co-hosted a webinar for Iowa legislators, staff, and stakeholders titled, “Immunizations: Critical for a Thriving Iowa Economy”.  If you missed it, a recording is available here.