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There’s one issue that brings together leaders in science, engineering, industry, higher education and labor—STEM is fundamental to American success. Science is US unites these sectors in a single-minded effort to reinforce this message.

With policymakers requiring increased guidance on scientific issues, our goals have never been more essential. We promote science and evidence-based decision making in public policy while building federal support for research.

Our future is counting on it.


Science is US unites individuals and organizations that share a common mission.

  1. We are champions for science.
  2. We respect all STEM professionals.
  3. We believe that policy has a role to play in advancing science and technology.
  4. And we believe that science and engineering have a role to play in advancing policy.

The latest from US.

Hey! That's me.

I am a computer scientist, so part scientist, part mathematician, part engineer.

And yes, as we talk to each other and work together more - across disciplines, domains, and experiences - we will build better (and more secure) systems.


Rachel Kerestes
Rachel Kerestes
Executive Director

As a trained biologist and public policy analyst, Rachel Kerestes leads Science is US from a unique breadth of experience. Her work in advocacy and marketing, combined with executive and leadership roles at national nonprofits, industry groups and public affairs consultancies, prepared her to guide the mission to success.

Salma Bahramy
Salma Bahramy
Public Affairs Director

The critical work of leading our public affairs and communications is in the capable hands of Salma Bahramy. With a background of developing strategic communications for NGOs, the UN and global media organizations, she has executed breakthrough campaigns for issues around climate change, global hunger and girls’ education. Her unique insights help us get our message to the most motivated audiences.

André N. Porter
André N. Porter
Policy Director

Field operations are led by André Porter, a seasoned expert in engaging a variety of stakeholders to participate in science policy dialogue. With a background that spans both government and non-governmental organizations, his experience of bridging concerns among multiple parties is crucial to uniting our partners, members and allies around a common mission.

Alev Sezer-Jacobs
Alev Sezer-Jacobs
Digital Operations Manager

A start-up mindset and an extensive ad agency background fuel Alev Sezer-Jacob’s enthusiasm and strategic thought for our digital operations. With deep studies in cross-cultural communications, she helps propel the vision in both distinctive and inclusive ways.

Tatiana Nin
Tatiana Nin
Program Manager

The effort to expand the use of science and engineering in policy decision-making through energetic field operations is organized by Tatiana Nin. Her experience in social impact campaigns draws from time managing several non-profit programs at the national level. Combined with her academic background, Tatiana’s knack for both focusing research and building partnerships is essential to our program strategy.

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