When Science is Politicized Everyone Loses

The Covid-19 pandemic taught us a lot about science. From appropriate, science-based public health measures to keep us safe, to treatments for those infected, to the quick development of highly effective vaccines, science was our safety blanket.

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Science and Engineering in Florida

Science is US and Enterprise Florida launched a new series of virtual events that emphasize the essential nature of science and engineering to Floridians. The first session in the series kicked off on February 24 with Florida Lieutenant Governor Jeannette Nuñez and a panel of science and engineering experts in a discussion on Florida’s aerospace industry.

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Commentary: Community Colleges

As the national economy recovers from the devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic and public policymakers devise ways to maintain America’s competitive edge in the global marketplace, investing in community colleges and emphasizing science and engineering will be a must. Our future success depends on it.

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STEM Workforce Development in Maine

In partnership with the Maine State Chamber of Commerce and Science is US, this four-part series of virtual discussions with businesses and stakeholders is aimed to expand and develop STEM workforce development in Maine.

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